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Welcome to Sierra Desert Breeders Inc.

Our Mission: “Serving the Next Generation of Dairymen”


In order to accomplish our mission to “Serve the next generation of dairyman” we made several changes.  To achieve our goals, we created a new dynamic company: Global Ag Alliance inc. In GAA we have several divisions to serve our customers, World-Wide!

The divisions in GAA are:

  • Sierra Desert Breeders inc.  SDB is an officially recognized A.I. stud. SDB has a wide variety of top proven or genomic bulls available.  On this website you will find more information  about our polled and horned genetics.
  • Dairybullsonline inc. GAA has a marketing agreement with DBO to market top polled genetics. We think polled is the future and will be part of every progressive dairyman management decisions.
  • GAA International. SDB bull semen is in demand world-wide. GAA has exported semen to Mexico, South America, Europe, Middle East , Asia and Australia.
  • Embryo’s   GAA has now available embryo’s from top indexing cows with PA as high as GTPI 2800, sexed and conventional.
  • Pregnancy blood test.  Our lab can test for pregnancy within 28 days of conception.
  • FreshPlus. FreshPlus is taking your breeding to a whole new level. We now deliver fresh semen to our customers, Holstein and jersey.
  • Technician service.  We employ some of the best reproduction specialists in the business
  • Afimilk.  GAA is an official dealer for Afimilk. Afimilk has the latest technology available for your dairy. Heat detection, Milk weights, Body weights.

We encourage you to contact us to help you to become more successful in the future. We have a team of very experienced specialists to advise you within any of the subsidiaries.

Enjoy our YouTube videos, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

The SDB/GAA team